It can be difficult to know when to replace your air conditioner. We go over some key factors below to help you determine the right time.

Maintenance is so important. If it’s leaking water or gas, or odours are being emitted, you definitely want to get onto it immediately. Air conditioning experts are the only people with the qualifications to advise on whether your unit is capable of being repaired or if you should get a replacement.

Sometimes, it’s too late and you need a replacement unit. If the problems are unfixable how do you know and what should you do?

Build Up Of Moisture/Leaking

All air conditioners produce moisture. But excessive moisture would suggest you have a leak. That poses a serious health risk to you, your own circle of family, colleagues and customers. Mould isn’t far away when there is moisture built up. Illness from mould is well documented and debilitating. If you can’t rid your unit of the leak or the mould then you definitely need to replace it ASAP.

Not Cooling

If you find that your air conditioning isn’t keeping a consistent, cool temperature, there’s a good chance that your unit has had it. It’s especially obvious if your electricity bills are soaring. That means that your unit is draining unnecessary amounts of energy to perform its job.

Bad Smells

If your unit is emitting foul odours there’s a good chance that something is wrong with your insulation or ducting. It may be damaged or it could have a build-up of mildew or mould. Whatever the cause, it can’t be tolerated. If the smell continues after maintenance then you have to seriously consider investing in a replacement split system air conditioner or and upgraded ducted air conditioning unit, as the case may be.

If it turns out that you do require a new air-conditioning system or you’re looking to upgrade, take our advice on what to buy and have us install it for you. Air conditioner installation is what we do.

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